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The Sponsor a Soldier program enables a person and/or entity to help a Veteran acclimate back into the civilian sector. A sponsor donation facilitates housing, food, transportation, clothing, medical, dental care, job placement and a strong spiritual foundation.

More information will be forthcoming shortly. In the interim, if you want to help Save Homeless Veterans, please consider making a donation here.

Meet Sergeant Murton York Rudisill

Sergean Murton York Rudisill was an E-5 United States Army Vietnam Veteran who served from June 1969 to September 1970.

Sergeant Rudisill's story is like many others from the Vietnam era. He served in the Army during a very unpopular time. He spent his tour of duty in communications and long range recon patrol, constantly on the move behind enemy lines. Sergeant. Rudisill moved his unit fluidly and professionally through swamps and mountains. During this assignment, his unit camped in LZ Oasis, Ban Nateu and An Kay. His last assignment was in the swamps where he and many other of our Soldiers developed Malaria. When he returned to the United States he was hospitalize for treatment where he nearly died. His recovery took two months where his prognosis was questionable. His wounds were both physical and psychological. Americans spat on him, pushed him around, provoked him and called him "baby killer".

After being discharged from the hospital, York quietly went away, shrank back into society, trying not to draw attention to himself. He never mentioned to anyone that he was an Honorably Discharged United States Soldier. He resumed life as best he could without medical treatment for PTSD and became an alcoholic in the process. Life became a different normal. Circumstances, unresolved PTSD and alcoholism lead to the Highway of Homelessness. Save Homeless Veterans (SHV) is proud to have Sergeant York Rudisill in their recovery program where he is finally being treated with the honor and the respect that he earned for his service to our country. York, now in his sixties, faces additional challenges entering stages of dementia. Save Homeless Veterans is working with him to make sure avenues are available for his safety and emotional security. More importantly, he will no longer face these issues alone.

SHV is proud to be an instrumental part in our veteran's lives.





According to many studies, nearly 1 in every 4 homeless are Veterans. Learn the facts here.


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SponsorA Soldier

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